Do you want to become your own winegrower or a barista? We offer special arrangements throughout the year. Click below to view our offering.

In order to become a winegrower yourself it’s not necessary to buy your own winery first. There is an easier way. We offer the possibility to realize your dream another way:


  • You rent a certain amount of grapevines at one of the vineyards around MoselVilla.
  • Under the supervision of an experienced winegrower you produce your own wine from the harvested grapes.
  • The wine matures in your own barrel in the cellars of MoselVilla.
  • By the end of the winter you will bottle the wine and add your personal label.
  • During the vinification process you can stay in MoselVilla several times with family or friends and live the life of a veritable winegrower, in a cosy, authentic and comfortable setting.
  • Through wine tastings, antique and flea markets and other events you get acquainted with the local flair of Traben-Trarbach and the region.


A purebred experience, this is your chance to join the winegrowers’ guild and to test your talents.

Mastering the principles of the coffee culture under supervision of an experienced barista. Learning how to produce a perfect espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato, while you are staying in an inspiring winery between the hillside vines. A perfect combination: during the day you prepare coffees, in the evenings you will meet the world of wine and beer, and in between you explore Traben-Trarbach and the region:


  • Bed & Breakfast on a 3-night basis
  • Lunches and dinners included
  • Coffee workshops from an experienced barista
  • All materials included
  • Sekt and Riesling tasting at a local winery
  • Getting acquainted with the local flair of Traben-Trarbach and the region

We can also arrange other types of events for you, in the local setting of MoselVilla and Traben-Trarbach.


Just share your ideas and wishes with us, and we will do our best to find out how we can accommodate them.